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I cant say I can give you anything in return because honestly im not talented in anything. I JUST found out about this today. Iv already tapped out my savings thanks to the bullshit that happened in La so im just trying to see if I can get assistance with anything right now. I dont own much so i cant sell really anything thats worth more than a few dollars. And theres a good chance ill be getting rid of my cat iv had for 6 years who keeps my depression and anxiety at bay. shes kinda my medical cat thing. I hate asking anyone for help but im desperate and yeah. If you cant help just share this. Im taking a chance and just praying this will help some.

I usually don’t reblog these (only because so many people are dishonest on the internet), but my family and I have been in this situation before, and I wanted to use all of my wonderful followers for a little good! :) I don’t want another family to lose their home, especially if we can get together and prevent it.